Saturday, October 27, 2018


Ghost Sighting at the Hotel Stanley Colorado - Hotel Stanley became suddenly famous for its ghost appearance. The hotel is located in Colorado. One of the guests staying at the hotel accidentally captured the ghost in the photo he took.

Henri Yau, who was staying at the Hotel Stanley, photographed the hotel stairs. When he saw the picture, it appeared that there was a woman on the stairs. Even before taking the photo, he was very sure no one at all stood on the stairs at that time.

The photo of the ghost that he took was posted on his Instagram account. In the caption he explained that maybe he had photographed a ghost.

Not only on Instagram, Henry also shared his experience through a website called Click2Houston.

After further investigation, it turns out that mystical experiences often occur in the Hotel Stanley. Even through the hotel's official website, it was explained that the ghost caught on camera was an owner and founder of the hotel, Flora. Flora founded the hotel with Oscar Stanley Freelan, her husband.

Freelan Oscar and Flora Stanley are believed to often appear in the Hotel Stanley. Their figure is more often seen in the billiard room which is their favorite place.


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