Saturday, October 27, 2018

Creepy Sighting at BBC Breakfast Live Broadcasts - Recently an event that was enough to make goose bumps occur on the sidelines of the shooting of the program titled BBC Breakfast. In a video captured, there are several black shadows back and forth in front of the camera.

Many people suspect that the back and forth shadow is an invisible creature that is passing in front of the camera in the television studio.

In the video, the presenter Louise Minchin and Dan Walker were talking to artist Jo Horton, the three of them also sat on a red sofa while talking.

But what is quite awful is when the camera has focused on recording, suddenly a few times the screen appears dark in a few moments.

One of the viewers who was watching the program then recorded the terrible event. He then uploaded it to the youtube site, bassline518 account. But even though many claim that it is a ghost that is passing by,The BBC through its spokesman said that it was not a hundred percent ghost, maybe it was a camera filter effect.

The following is the recorded video:

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