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A Killer Zombie in an Old School

0 - The incident was happening on October 13, 2003. Six of us, I and my five friends test our guts in an old school that had been left. We were planning to stay at the school overnight.

Without carrying weapons and cellphones, and also not carrying other equipment except clothes on our backs and a flashlight. And we make rules to separate from each other and not meeting each other. We have to live alone in different places in the building at distances that are far apart.

As we entered the school building, we looked at each other, nodded and parted with each other holding our own flashlights. I looked back for a moment, saw my friend's flashlight which began to disappear in the far darkness.

If only I believed in superstitions that we considered strange from our neighbors, then we could be safe and secure. But myself and my brave nature decided to prove the truth of Zombies in the old school.

Shortly before I reached the end of one of the aisles, I decided to stop at a corner of the room while holding my flashlight in both hands. And I began to wait for what would happen next.

I began to think about how to laugh at my neighbor that there was no such thing as a "Undead / Zombie" or whatever they call it in this building ... that my friends and I all came out alive and still good, and no one other than us in the building all night. I laughed by only thinking about that.

Then, I heard a very loud cry, an excruciating scream. I was sure it was the voice of one of my friends from a distance ... But it didn't seem too far away. In a situation like this, usually people will move and go to save him.

But I did not do that. I think my friend just wants to scare me ...

"Ha! Who do they think they are playing with? Nobody can fool me!", I thought with a smile.

When I remember that time, I was very sorry not to run towards the scream ... Maybe they could survive.


THUNK shfffffff




One of my other friends, no doubt in my mind. Trying to scare me again. Make terrible noises to make me "tremble" by approaching me.


THUNK shffffff THUNK shfffff THUNK shffffff THUNK shfffffff THUNK shfffffff

That's when I realized one of the rules I made ... We can't meet each other.

"They just gave up? Or did they try to get me out of this building?"

Then I turned off my flashlight and wanted to scare them as punishment. I hid behind the locker, and peeked out from inside the locker. Then I will jump out of their back and scare them. I chuckled silently in my mind, my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. I saw a shadow approaching, slowly but surely.



"Come on. Come close."



I was silent, my heart almost stopped beating. That figure is closer now ... but seems bigger than my friend. That must be 6 ... No! around 7 feet. It's big, like a muscular man. Clearer and clearer. He is not one of my friends. Not.


As he approached, I saw something big being dragged by him. Something ... human size.

"Oh no ... God ... Save me ... God ..."


This thing ... is really large ... something muscular with bloodstained bandages wrapped tightly around his head. The only thing that was seen was his eyes ... Terrible, yellow eyes that looked like deadly predators. His body ... was completely covered in a disgusting wound, which almost covered his green-gray skin. It's a human body ... but I know ... it's not human!

WHAM !!!!

I looked down and closed my mouth with my hand so I didn't make a sound. I did not want to see ... but my head seemed to move on its own wanting to see it.

I held back my shout ... Seeing my friend's condition ... I know from his bloodstained clothes. His arms rotate in different directions, and even worse ... His face! Really formless again. And his head turned, as if it had been turned 360 degrees.

Tears of tremendous fear flowed from my eyes. That monster ... Has killed him ... And he threw my friend on the floor in front of me ... Right next to me.


I looked at the Zombie . He walked away. Slowly, but I know that he will go in the opposite direction. I waited until he left my sight so I could move again.

"I have to look for others ... May be they not be caught yet ..."

On the way I saw 4 of my friends dying in the monster's hands. So quietly, I turned around and looked for another way.

It took a while, but finally I managed to reach a narrow hallway, which I seem to remember one of my friends disappeared there too. I walked quickly down the hall .......

--Bad odor. It was horrible, the smell of raw meat ......--

And ... I see it! The remnants of my friends' body parts ... scattered everywhere ... flat like pancakes. The ceiling ... the wall ... the floor. Blood and human flesh.

Without thinking, I screamed in fear, fell lying, my white shoes covered in the blood of my friends. I hurried away, away from the terrible sight. My feet tripped, then I turned around.

He is right behind me ... Roaring like a hungry wolf, his yellow eyes fixed on me. I almost stopped breathing.

Slowly, his right hand grabbed his back and took something ... something big.

And what I saw ... A 6-foot-tall meat knife, sharper than anything I've seen. Smeared by a lot of blood dripping.

He lifted the giant blade with both hands above his head and swung it down with great force. Suddenly I moved reflex, I dodged to the side, hearing the sound of the floor being cut off. Without thinking, I ran. As fast and strong as I can.


Door by door, I stopped and tried to open it. But every time I reach the door, the door is locked tight. And every time I stopped, I could hear a loud voice, a slow step behind me ... Getting closer! So I kept running. No stop, no rest. I can not take it anymore.

He will KILL ME!

Finally I found it. EXIT! FINALLY I FOUND IT! I tripped, jumped in the door, laughing uncontrollably.

"I'm finally free! THANKS GOD!!!"


"What? No ... NOT NOT NOT, this is not true !!! This is not ... "

I saw that the sharp and large meat knife had pierced my chest.

"No ... No! How come? ... Even though I'm so close! Even though…"


Police Report (October 20, 2003):

"After a long search, the five bodies of missing high school students were finally found in an old school at around 7am".

All students are slaughtered and massacred.

The sixth student is still not found ...

Mysterious Midnight Phone Call

0 - In the middle of a night, there was a scary incident in our house. Suddenly the telephone in our house ringing. At first we were hesitant to take it because it was midnight. It feels a little rude to someone who calls at midnight like that. But finally my mother decided to take the call because she thought there was an emergency call.

After my mother takes the phone, a scary conversation was began.

Mom: "Hello".
Caller: "Hello, can I talk to Mrs. Jeni". (not real name)
Mom: "yes, it's me".
Caller: "Are you still renting your house, ma'am?"
Mom: "Sorry, I don't understand. I'm not renting my house".
Caller: "I'm already in front of your house. Can you come out?".

The phone was suddenly turned off. And my mother immediately woke up my father who already slept by that time

My father opened the door to see who was outside. But strange, no one was in front of our house.

Just after that, suddenly the lights went out.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Zombies Sighting in Google Street View

0 - Strange photos caught by Google Street View cameras, but this time not a ghost sighting or alien sighting, but zombie sighting. It is inside of Zombie Manor House, Daresbury, England.

The place turned out to be filled with a bunch of zombies with spooky faces and full of blood. This location is actually already famous in England as a place for zombies.

Quoting from Manchester Business View, zombies in that place are actually not the undead or eaters of the human brain as told in a movie.

The zombies seen in Google Street View are actually created by the Manchester Business View team with experts from

These zombies were deliberately created by them to create an atmosphere of creepy horror in a house that appeared to be filled with zombies hanging around.

With a 360 camera, they captured the sight of the zombies who were wandering around and sent them to be displayed on Google Maps so that they could be seen by people through the Google Street View feature. See it for yourself here: Zombie Google Maps

Monday, November 19, 2018

Facts about Orang Bunian in Minangkabau, Indonesia

0 - Orang Bunian (Bunian People) are actually spirits that are well known and believed to be real in Malaysia. But it turns out that not only in Malaysia, but also in Indonesia., Especially in Minangkabau, West Sumatra, Indonesia, Orang Bunian is quite popular. They are believed to have a body like humans, and living in quiet places, for example in an abandoned house. Another myth also mentions that Bunian People are often found in the forest.

Orang Bunian are also often associated with "Dewa" (God) in Minangkabau. But the notion of "God" here is different from the understanding of the deity in which is explained in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. "Dewa" in Minangkabau terms means a countryman who lives in the forest, in the jungle, on the edge of a hill, or near a cemetery.

Usually when the sun sets, on the edge of the hill there will be a smell which is commonly known as "Cuisine of Gods" or "Samba Dewa". According to local people, the aroma resembles the smell of fried potatoes.

"God" or "Dewa" in Minangkabau beliefs are female, who are beautiful. So, is Orang Bunian actually a beautiful female ghost?

The Minangkabau people also believe that if someone is missing, then the person is hidden by the Orang Bunian. There is also the term "Human Nurtured by God", that is newborn babies who are kidnapped by Orang Bunian.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Story of Seeing A Sighting of Orang Bunian

0 - This story is told and written by Sri Widiyastuti. It is about her experience seeing Orang Bunian (Bunian People). At that time Ms. Sri Widiyastuti and her family came home late at night, around 11:30 a.m. Their car was approaching UTM, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and going towards to her house. The road was really dark at the time, the light is only come from the passing cars.

When the traffic light was red. Sri saw from a distance of 200 meters like someone was crossing the road with half running. She was so sure that was like a person crossing the road.

When the car approaching the traffic light, Sri was looking for the person. She was wondering why there was a person walking at night in that area. But it turns out that Sri did not find anyone!

Sri asked her husband, "Did you see someone crossing from there?" while pointing at where the person crossed.

"No, I didn't see anyone," he answered.

Sri told the scary incident she had experienced to her husband

Monkey? Is it as tall as human? And what is he doing? he was going into the dark trees.

Sri also tried positive thinking, maybe there were people who lived in the darkness of the tree. Who knows?

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Curse of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Does It Really Exist?

0 - The story of Tutankhamun's curse actually began to appear in 1922, it was when the British Egyptologist, Howard Carter, explored the mummy of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

This excavation was funded by Lord Carnarvon. Suddenly on April 5, 1923, seven weeks after the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb, Lord Carnarvon died.

This led to a speculation about the possibility of the curse of Tutankhamun, which applies to anyone who dared to enter his tomb.

Lights in Cairo were said to have died out at the death of Lord Carnarvon.

Lord Carnarvon's dog named Susie is believed to be howling and dying at the same time.

Five months after Carnarvon died, his sister also died. In addition, Howard Carter's pet canary is eaten by cobras.

Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes then speculates that Carnarvon's death might have been caused by the Curse of the Pharaoh.

But this speculation never get a strong foundation because there are several facts that refute the curse.

One of them was Howard Carter, the inventor of the tomb of Pharaoh, who only died 17 years after entering the tomb.

The daughter of Lord Carnarvon, who was also one of the people who entered the tomb, died in 1980, at the age of around 79.

Harry Burton, official photographer for Howard Carter died in 1940.

Dr. D.E. Derry who conducted an autopsy on mummy Tutankhamen also died almost 50 years after the discovery of the tomb.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Humans Can Be Zombies Based on Chemical Viewpoint

0 - Did you know, it turns out there is a chemical analysis that states humans can become zombies by using a certain chemical. It can be fatal if someone really succeeds in making this chemical. Humans will eventually become zombies.

1. Frog Skin

Frog skin commonly called bufo can cause a death if the frog is feeling threatened. There are 3 chemical ingredients in frog skin, namely biogenic amine, bufogenik, and bufotoxin. One of the effects is pain relief which is stronger than cocaine.

2. Puffer fish

In Japan, puffer fish known as fugo has a poison called "tetrodotoxin". Tetrodoxin is a deadly nerve poison. The effect is 160 million times stronger than cocaine. Many cases where there are people who regained consciousness after being declared dead for several days due to eating this poison.

3. Datura (jimpson grass)

Datura contains anthropin, hyoskiamine, and scopolamine chemicals, which can react as hallucinogens if given in the right dosage. In addition, these chemicals can also erase memories, causing paralysis and death.

Of the three ingredients above, if there is a chemist who succeeds in making Zombie concoctions, it can cause side effects that cause death and become a Zombie.

4 Celebrities Claim to Have Made Love with Ghosts

0 - Although he was initially scared to death, an American singer, Kesha, who began her career as a singer in Paris Hilton's background, recently captured the moment she experienced through a song called Supernatural.

It turns out that not only Kesha has ever dealt with ghosts, there are still some celebrities who have also experienced similar incidents.

1. Anna Nicole Smith

A Model, Anna Nicole Smith, claimed not realized she was slept with a ghost. It happened a few years ago. According to her, when the ghost arrived, Nicole thought that the ghost was her boyfriend. But luckily, although with her all the night, the ghost did not hurt her.

2. Lucy Liu

A star in Charlie's Angels movie, Lucy Liu, also has experience about making love with ghosts. Even though it happened when she was asleep, Lucy had the courage to make sure that she was really aware when the ghost approached her.

3. Natasha Blasick

Which husband is not angry when he finds out his wife is having an affair with another man? But if the man is a ghost, maybe the story will be a little different. Instead of being angry, the husband might just be afraid? Natasha Blasick has experienced it. Even though she already had a husband, she remained relaxed telling her horror experience in a television station.

4. Paz de la Huerta

She actually claimed to make love with the spirit of Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, because there is no evidence, many people think that she only makes a hoax / fake stories.

A Boar with Bat Ear and Dog Head

0 - On Saturday, November 16, 2013, Bogor (Indonesia) residents were shocked by a wild boar, which is believed as human incarnation pig. This boar looks strange, and is not like a boar in general. The head resembles a dog, the head resembles a bat.

Residents suspect that the animal is the mastermind of money loss that are happening in the region. Not only money, a lot of valuable items, like gold, also disappears in the region.

"When it was arrested, the boar cried," said Isak Suryana, one of the residents in the area.

Isak explained that the capture of the boar by the residents was successfully carried out on Thursday morning. It was on a heavy rain. Residents who saw the boar immediately caught it because they thought that it was a Demon Pig, or human incarnation pig.

Residents had thought that the boar was causing the lost money in the region. "So far, many residents feel they experienced lost of money and valuables" he said.

Actually residents have also chased this wild boar some time ago, but this boar managed to escape.

The news spread quickly, a lot of curious local residents immediately come to see the captured boar.

Toraja Ghosts, Batitong & Po'pok, and How to Handle Them

0 - The most famous ghost in Indonesia is Kuntilanak and Pocong. But there are also local ghosts that are only famous in certain areas. For example, Batotong and Po'pok ghosts which are popular in Toraja, Indonesia.

1. Batitong

'Torroko Torroko Nakande Ko Batitong'.

'If you are left far behind / slow down your path, you will be consumed by ghosts later.

Batitong is an evil spirit that comes from a woman who died when giving birth. This ghost uses humans to get what she wants. If someone has been possessed by the Batitong Ghost, that person will have a sign on his forehead, head, or hand, there is a kind of lamp or light.

This ghost not only haunting people at night, but this ghost also coming during the day. Usually these ghosts are often seen in watery places, such as rice fields, sewers, rivers, and swamps. The victims of ghosts are usually a pregnant woman, and even a buffalo.

The Toraja people use castor wood to handle the Batiton ghost. By using the wood, they believe Batitiong will die. In addition, there are also those who use mats. This mat is put at the border of the village, with "manikata" on it (jewelry from Toraja).

Another way to get rid of this demon is to use bamboo and put it at the entrance of the village. Before being used, this bamboo is filled with leaves of plants in Toraja.

If the Toraja people manage to kill the Batitons, they will hold an event called Ma'manuk Tallu.

2. Po'pok

This ghost is an evil spirit that manipulates humans to obtain their desires. This creature is often seen at night. This creature usually appears in the form of winged humans, and animals such as pigs or birds.

This ghost is believed to like to consume the heart of humans who sleep on their backs, and also human heart whose condition is seriously ill. Not only that, actually this Ghost can also consume fruits, and suck both human and animal blood.

Here are the things that the Toraja people did to handle Po'pok Ghost.

  1. Sow salt under the house, in the yard, and in the kitchen
  2. Water it (Po'pok) with hot water
  3. Throw it (Po'pok) with betel nuts so that it becomes human again
  4. Hit it (Po'pok) just once. Because if he hit him repeatedly he would not die, even he would endanger the person who hit him.

Nancy Ghost in Indonesian High School, Bandung

0 - With blood coming from her mouth, Nancy Ghost often appears in SMA 3 and SMA 5 (Two high schools in Bandung). This terrible news is indeed familiar among students and teachers of SMAN 3 and 5 Bandung. This ghost is a woman who looks like a Dutch.

According to the story, Nancy was a beautiful lady who committed suicide around 1950. She committed suicide by throwing herself down from a stair near the school hall.

The story was also confirmed by the school security at SMAN 5 Bandung, Brian, who had been worked since 1975.

According to Brian, Nancy used to show herself in the upper window at the far right corner of the building, from the gate of SMAN 5 which is located on Bali Street.

But there is another story about Nancy. At the end of the 80s, Nancy appeared showed herself to a female teacher at SMAN 3 who worked late till late night. It made the teacher fainted.

Another story comes from a food seller. "At that time, someone ordered fried rice and fried noodles, but after coming to the school, there was nobody," said the food seller.

Another story was revealed by Deputy Head of the School of Academic Affairs SMAN 5 Bandung, Rahmat Effendi, who had been a teacher at the school since 1991. Rahmat had received a report from one of his students who saw the figure of Nancy.

"A student said that he saw Nancy around the mosque," said Rahmat.

Resident of SMAN 3 Bandung have also experienced a lot of terrible events related with the Ghost of Nancy. Deputy Principal of SMAN 3 Bandung Quality Management, Firman Syah Noor, he heard stories about a woman cycling on the top floor of the school.

In addition, Etty Sri Redjeki, Deputy Principal of Public Relations, told the horror story of the Ghost of Nancy. "He said one of the windows on the top floor (which faces Belitung Street) was often open by itself, even though it had been closed before, and the lights of the room were turned on by itself" Etty said.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Ghost Story in a Bathroom

0 - This is a story from someone who just moved to a new place. Unexpectedly, it turned out that the bathroom in his house was haunted. Actually the old residents of his house already knew about it, and were used to it. Unfortunately as a new owner, he did not know about it.

Around 11pm, suddenly I want to pee. Arriving at the bathroom, it turns out seems there is someone inside. Strangely because I was living alone in the house. I heard there was a sound of splashing water.

I was thinking it's an intruder or robber. So I shouted "Who are you?!". I knocked the door really hard. But I got no response.

I got emotional and I banged on the door. The door opened. How shocked I am, there's no one in the bathroom !!

The bathroom floor is really dry, like there is no trace of water at all.

I immediately ran back to my room, and immediately locked the room. I forget about pee.

I closed my body with a blanket, It tried to sleep, but I couldn't. I heard a humming voice just outside of my room!

The next day, I accidentally met my neighbor. I told him about the incident last night.

He said, "It's normal. Many new owner of this house experience the same things.The ghosts just wants to be friend with you ".

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